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Things to Consider Before a Garage Conversion

by | May 19, 2022 | Home Remodeling | 0 comments

The benefits of a garage conversion are endless! Garage conversions are one of the best ways to add extra property value to your home. Furthermore, once you’ve outgrown your home, this option is super enticing to add more living space. Before you go all-in, there are some very noteworthy drawbacks to consider before a garage conversion. 


Believe it or not, a permit may be required before you can start the garage conversion process. Depending on where you live, you may need to get in contact with your area’s zoning department to make sure you are doing things by the book. This could mean involving an architect to draw up a plan for what you aim to do with the space to provide to your local zoning department. Legal, as well as logistical standards, will need to be considered. This is largely due to the plumbing, wiring, and addition of a heating and cooling system that you may require in your new living space. Check your local ordinances regarding garage conversions.

More Living Space

According to a recent American Housing Survey, about 80% of Americans have a garage or carport, but not nearly every homeowner actually uses their garage space for parking their cars. If you fit into the category, this option may be enticing to you. 

The most obvious benefit of a garage conversion is the additional living space, and the garage conversion becomes simpler when you consider the work required to complete this project. Because garages already have four walls, a roof, and entry into the rest of the house, the project seems a lot less daunting than a regular addition to a home. The possibilities of what you can make this new space are seemingly endless. Whether you’re enlarging a room that already exists off the garage, creating a larger, grander master bedroom, or carving out a space for a nice home office, the extra space will be well worth it. 

Garage Conversion

Increase in Property Value

One of the most attractive aspects of a garage conversion is the increase in property value for homeowners. By transforming your garage, you can increase living space. Homeowners can expect about an 80% return on investment (ROI). If homeowners want to transform their garage into a master bedroom, office space, or living room, they can expect the ROI. But this hinges on a well-done job. 

If the garage conversion doesn’t flow seamlessly into the rest of the home, the jarring nature of the difference between the previous garage and the remainder of the home will not be appealing when it comes time to sell your home. You will likely need to account for new windows and the removal of your garage door. Make sure the exterior material used on your garage matches your home, otherwise the resale value of your home may be difficult. 

Costs of a Remodel

A general range of the costs you could accrue for this project is anywhere in the ballpark of $8,000 to $25,000. Of course, this number is dependent on what room you’ll convert your garage into. 

The state of your garage will be a large factor in the cost of your garage conversion. If your garage has a few stairs into the entry of your home, doesn’t have heating or cooling, or lacks proper wiring and plumbing for the garage conversion you have in mind, then these are things you may want to account for in the budget of your living space addition. The level of the garage may need to be raised to match your home, plumbing may need to be introduced if you plan to use some of the space for a bathroom, and you will likely want air conditioning. 

Garage Conversion

Whatever Your Decision, Concierge Can Help

Choosing to convert your garage is a big decision, but Concierge Home Remodeling can help. If you decide additional space is worth it, our team are experts in home additions and remodeling and would be happy to give your garage the makeover it deserves. And if you find a garage conversion is not for you, Concierge would be happy to explore other options with you for adding living space to your home. Contact our professionals today at (213) 254-8848 or get a free estimate. Let’s work together and create outstanding results for your next home project.