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Outdoor Oasis: Landscaping and Patio Upgrades for Every Budget

by | Sep 20, 2023 | Outdoor Living | 0 comments

Creating an idyllic outdoor space doesn’t have to break the bank. Whether you’re in the bustling heart of the Los Angeles area or nestled in a quieter suburb, your dream patio or garden is within reach. From choosing plants that thrive in your local climate to selecting the perfect patio furniture, and even taking on DIY garden projects, let’s navigate the journey of turning your yard into an oasis. And if you’re considering a full-blown concierge home remodeling, we’ve got you covered with the right contractor recommendations too.

Choosing the Right Plants for Your Climate

Los Angeles offers a unique Mediterranean climate which means a myriad of beautiful plants can thrive here. Consider native plants like the Toyon or Blue-Eyed Grass. Not only are these plants adapted to the local climate (meaning less maintenance for you), but they also support local wildlife. If you’re unsure about the best choices, consulting with a contractor who specializes in landscaping in the Los Angeles area can offer tailored advice.

Patio Furniture Selection

When it comes to patio furniture, think of durability and style. With LA’s sunny days, materials like teak, wrought iron, or all-weather wicker are great choices. If you’re on a budget, consider starting with the basics like a good quality table and chairs. Over time, add in lounges, benches, and even an outdoor rug to enhance the space. And if you’re looking to go luxe, why not consider an outdoor daybed or a hammock?

Maintaining an Outdoor Space Year-Round

An oasis requires upkeep. Regularly trim plants, check for pests, and ensure your furniture remains in top condition. Cover or store patio pieces during the rainy season. For those considering long-term remodel projects, working with a contractor can help in creating low-maintenance landscaping solutions, ideal for the busy homeowner.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re in the midst of a full concierge home remodeling or simply want to upgrade your patio, the goal is to create a space where memories are made. The Los Angeles area, with its sun-kissed days and balmy evenings, offers the perfect backdrop. So, whether you take the DIY route or collaborate with a skilled contractor, your dreamy outdoor oasis is just a few steps away.