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New Construction Homes

Enjoy the comforts of living in new construction homes built by Concierge Home Remodeling.

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Start Living in Your Dream Home

New construction homes are houses where you are the first person to live in it after it is built. You can obtain a new construction home in a few different ways: hire your own builder for the land you purchased, purchase a new construction home from a developer, or a combination. For those who are working directly with a builder, like Concierge Home Remodeling, you’ll have to determine the design and architecture of your new home.

Our general contractors and architects use their experience and knowledge to develop a concept unique to you and your identity. New construction homes are built in the image of our clients’ dreams. There is no compromise when it comes to building a dream, which is why we collaborate with you every step of the way.

During the design phase, you will learn how intricate and detailed our team is. We handle every detail about your home. You’ll discover styles, designs, and looks that you never even thought about during the planning phase. By exposing you to all of these options, we can better understand what you really want in your new construction home. After all, dreams and ideas can change as we learn.

The Process of Building New Construction Homes

Building a new house is intricate, complex, and requires a proven process for construction. Even though families are building new construction homes at a higher rate than before, it doesn’t make the job any easier. Concierge Home Remodeling has more than 20 years of experience in the building and remodeling industry, so we can assure you your new construction home will be built right. Here is the overall process of our team building new construction homes:

1. Planning and Design: In order to build immaculate new construction homes, planning is essential. Planning is the number one priority in all of our projects. Without it, we are unable to complete projects within the allotted time or provide the quality we assure our clients. During the planning and design phase, a general contractor and architect will meet with you. In this meeting, we will get to know you. Our team’s job is to create a home that will reflect your personality and dreams.
As we mentioned before, we will walk you through a wide range of options regarding design, style, layout, materials, appliances, and more. When we expose you to all of these options, you can make a better decision about what you want in your new construction home.

2. Foundation: Before we start pouring the foundation, we will obtain the necessary permits for the home. Afterward, our team will prepare the site for the foundation. We ensure to follow all the proper procedures and steps in this phase because your house is only as good as the foundation it sits on. When the concrete is poured, we must wait for it to cure. The length it takes to complete the foundation will vary on the cure rate, the size of the foundation, and any weather conditions that may add complications.

3. Framing: New construction homes start to take shape when we begin framing. The frame or skeleton of the home will include exterior and interior walls. We apply plywood or oriented strand board (OSB) to the exterior of the home. Over that, we attach what is known as house wrap. It keeps the wood from rotting since the frame will be exposed to the elements for some time.

4. Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC: The guts of your home include plumbing, electrical, ductwork, water heater, and HVAC system. During this phase, all of these things will be installed into the home. Another inspection is required after and before we move forward to the next step.

5. Insulation and Walls: After being signed off for the guts of the home, our team will begin installing drywall and insulation. During the phase, our team will ensure the seams of drywall blend into each other, and any texturing is done. After this part, we can begin building the exterior walls out of your chosen materials: brick, stucco, siding, natural stone.

6. Interior and Exterior Finishing: When the walls go up, our team can start adding the final touches to your homes, such as flooring, ceiling, trim, doors, countertops, cabinets, windows, light fixtures, and appliances. Before you can move into your new home, a few more inspections must be performed. Once signed off, you can start enjoying your new home.


Building a brand new home from the ground up is no easy task. It requires a lot of time, money, and resources. That means you’re likely to have questions. We are here to answer any questions you may have! 

How long does it take to build a new construction home?

It typically takes six to 12 months or more to build a new construction home. There are a lot of factors that can affect the process, so be ready for a lengthy wait.

Do new construction homes come with appliances?

Yes! Your new construction home will come with all the features and qualities you need in your home, excluding furniture. 

Is landscaping included with new construction homes?

Yes! Our team includes landscaping with new construction homes. You don’t have to worry about having a dirt lawn after the home is built.