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Concierge Home Remodeling: Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel in Stevenson Ranch, CA

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Concierge Home Remodeling are a family-owned and operated general contracting company based in Los Angeles, California. Our project was to do a kitchen and bathroom remodel for a home located in Stevenson Ranch, CA. We had the task of updating the floor plan, shower, bath, toilet, and vanity.

The first step of our process was to accurately map out the existing floor plan as well as determine the desired outcome of the remodel. After discussing with the client what they wanted to achieve, we took measurements of all the existing components of the kitchen and bathroom. We then drew up a detailed design of what the finished product would look like with all the new fixtures and appliances included.

Once we had the finalized design in hand, we proceeded with the demolition phase of the project. This involved removing all old fixtures that were going to be replaced during this remodel. This included taking out walls, floors, counters, sinks, baths and showers that were outdated or not aesthetically pleasing anymore. We then moved on to installing new plumbing fixtures and electrical wiring before moving onto installing new cabinets and countertops.

We then installed all new appliances such as dishwashers, ovens, stovetops and refrigerators as well as any additional lighting needed for both the kitchen and bathroom spaces. Our experienced team also put in their best effort to make sure that these additions matched perfectly with both their surrounding environment as well as each other – creating an overall aesthetic harmony within both rooms.

Finally, our team put together a custom tile package for both rooms which included backsplashes around countertops as well as accents around showers or tubs to complete this stunning transformation. The customer was very pleased with our workmanship throughout this entire process!

At Concierge Home Remodeling we strive to provide top quality service every step of the way. From designing your dream space down to executing it – we take great pride in making sure that every aspect of your remodel is taken care of properly and professionally so that you can enjoy your newly renovated space for years to come!


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