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“Professional Bathroom Remodeling in Inglewood, CA – Concierge Home Remodeling”

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Bathroom Remodel in Inglewood, CA – Concierge Home Remodeling

The team at Concierge Home Remodeling were recently presented with the challenge of transforming a dated bathroom in Inglewood, California. The family living in this home had outgrown their current setup and needed more storage space. To achieve the desired results, a complete overhaul of the entire space was necessary.

The project team faced several challenges during the process, including plumbing issues and an extremely tight timeline. Despite these difficulties, they were able to successfully complete the remodel and deliver an improved bathroom that was both more functional and aesthetically pleasing than before. The remodel included a full bath layout with a custom manual mixer shower, nea-angle enclosure with hinged door, waterfall shower design with tiled walls, three-wall alcove tub and double cyclone flush toilet. For the vanity, wall mounted solid plywood was selected along with louvered cabinets and marble countertops. Sinks were cast polymer while flooring was ceramic tile.

The end result of the project provided all of the desired improvements, such as additional storage space, increased functionality, and improved aesthetics. Moreover, the remodel also increased the property value of the home due to the quality of work delivered by Concierge Home Remodeling.

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