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ADU & Garage Conversions

Turn your garage into a new living space, an apartment, or a theater. The options for garage conversions are endless.

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Transform Your Garage

Garages, whether attached or detached, have plenty of room to be transformed into something else. Some homeowners don’t use their garage enough to be useful, so a garage conversion is a great option. If you think your garage will serve a better purpose than storing your vehicle, then give Concierge Home Remodeling a call.

Garage conversions are a common type of home addition that many overlook. Vehicles don’t necessarily need a garage. Plus, you’ll save time and money converting your garage than expanding upon your existing house. You can turn your garage into a lot of different things. We have outlined a handful of our favorites and popular choices among homeowners.

Garage Conversion Ideas

From theaters to gyms, you have numerous options when it comes to garage conversions. Here are just a few ideas to consider for your own garage conversion.

Home Gym: Don’t worry about having to get up so early to go to the gym across town. Get up later and walk to your gym with a converted garage. You will have plenty of space to install the proper equipment. Above all, converting your garage into a gym wouldn’t take much. Depending on your preferences, you could keep the look of the garage and simply install the necessary equipment with a few amenities.

Office: For parents who work from home, a home office may be on top of your list. Convert your garage into a home office with all the necessary features. It doesn’t matter what type of profession you have, your garage would make an excellent place to have your office. It is away from the rest of the house and can block out any noise with the right materials.

Workshop: If an office isn’t your style, maybe a workshop is. For those who like to get their hands dirty with paint, oil, metalworking, or anything else, a garage is the best place for it. Since most garage floors are concrete, you can keep them for easy cleanup and have the proper tools and appliances installed. 

Apartment: Turning your garage into a studio apartment is a great way to supplement your income or house an elderly family member. Also known as accessory dwelling units or ADUs, these units are a much-needed affordable housing option in the state of California. Your detached or attached garage would serve as the perfect apartment for starting a family or young individual.

Theater: One of the most indulgent garage conversions you could consider is a theater. Install the proper soundproofing, chairs, and screen for the perfect in-house theater. This conversion would be perfect for your garage as it would have plenty of space for the necessary features that make a theater unique.

Kids Room: Whether you have teenagers looking for a place to play video games or toddlers wanting to run around in an open space, the garage is a great palace for it. The flat concrete makes an excellent base for any type of flooring you install over it. With the right qualities, you can create an excellent playroom or lounge for your children.

Man Cave or She Shed: Garage conversions don’t have to be for the whole family. Consider turning it into space strictly for you or your spouse. Install a bar to hang out and catch up with friends or install a large TV to watch Sunday night football on. Whichever you choose, the garage makes a great palace for just the adults to relax.


If you’re considering an ADU or garage conversion for your home, you’re going to have a lot of questions. Our team has answered a few commonly asked questions here.

What is the purpose of an ADU?

Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) have grown in popularity in the states along the west coast because of the severe housing crisis. In California, the state recently passed numerous bills to make it easier for homeowners to build ADUs on their property. ADUs offer affordable, low-impact, and accessible housing, which is much needed in the state.

Can I rent out an ADU?

Yes! In fact, the purpose of ADUs is to rent them out to those who need affordable housing. You may also use it as an Airbnb if you decide that route is better for you.

I live in an HOA, am I allowed to convert my garage or build an ADU?

Yes! Recent laws passed by the state say HOAs are not allowed to restrict the building of ADUs on single-family lots. Additionally, they are not allowed to unreasonably restrict ADUs. They will have their own rules you’ll have to follow, but it is possible!

How much does an ADU cost to build?

The cost to build an ADU will vary based on the type. There are three types of ADUs: interior, attached, and detached. 

Interior ADUs are converted rooms, such as an attached garage, attic, or basement. You will likely spend the least amount of money on an interior ADU because of the existing walls, floors, and roof. 

Attached ADUs are built and connected to the primary living structure. They can also be very pricey because they’re built from the ground up as well.

Detached ADUs are built away from the primary structure. They often cost the most because they are built from the ground up. 

That said, every type of ADU has a wide range of costs. We recommend you get in touch with our team to learn more about the costs you can expect for your ADU project.