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4 Advantages of Energy-Efficient Homes

by | Apr 19, 2022 | Home Remodeling | 0 comments

As the world hurtles towards irreversible climate change and a rise in temperature around the world, building sustainable homes that are energy-efficient is more important than ever before. Every nation in the world is taking part in protecting the planet and making industrial and personal practices greener. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the number of requests for building energy-efficient homes is high. Energy-efficient homes can help you cut down on carbon emissions, reduce waste, decrease your dependence on fossil fuels and improve the overall air quality in and around your home.

Concierge Home Remodeling is a conscientious home remodeling company that believes in continually developing better strategies and ideas for energy-efficient homes. Our experts believe in a cleaner environment for all of us; therefore, we only choose to adopt the best practices during our process. Concierge Home Remodeling is the best choice for any energy-efficient home remodeling project with a reliable remodeling team with years of experience in improving hundreds of homes.

1. Much More Affordable

Energy-efficient homes allow you to save extra bucks by utilizing every square footage of your home. A well-built, energy-efficient home is much more cost-effective than an existing house or even a new home. You can significantly reduce your operating and living costs with lower electricity, water, heating, and cooling bills. Experts predict that an energy-efficient home is 40 to 60% more cost-efficient than an existing house. The money you save from the reduced bills can go into other house elements or even help you buy that car you’d been vying for.

2. Extremely Comfortable

Energy-efficient homes are built with every tiny detail in mind, and your chosen contractor will help you choose the right build and design for your green home. Building an energy-efficient home is not easy and should only be trusted by experienced contractors. An experienced contractor from Concierge Home Remodeling will determine the most optimum temperature and consider the perfect humidity details to place new windows and HVAC systems in your house.

Comfortable Energy-Efficient Home

3. Better Management of Power Outages

Even if your home suffers from a power outage due to bad weather or an electrical issue, you can rest assured that you will be comfortable. Without the power to heat an average home in New York in a power outage, the temperature can fall to 35 degrees. Whereas, in a green and energy-efficient home, the heat will be conserved, and the temperature will remain around 60 degrees. With the increase in the intensity of bad weather over the years, this is a much sought-after advantage offered by energy-efficient homes alone.

4. Improved Resale Value

If you plan to sell your home on the market, converting your home into an energy-efficient haven can help increase the initial resale value. If your home is built to last long and perform well, many people will be willing to pay top dollar to buy your house. Since people are attracted by lower utility bills, high-quality building design and materials, and higher levels of comfort, they will find your home listing irresistible and would love to buy your house as soon as they can.

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